Optimize your pipeline

Companies that exceed 65% hires through employee referral reduce their firm’s ability to innovate due to a lack of unique experiences and perspectives. – CEB

Automate Your Process

Firms that leveraged video interview and web-based assessments reported a 13% increase in high performing hires, 25% reduction of attrition and 3X increase in candidate experience. – HireVue

Improve YOur Outcomes

Employers that actively seek out diversity of thought are 45% more likely to report market share growth and 70% more likely to report capturing a new market. – Harvard Business Review

Be an active participant in the hiring revolution

Embrace Technology and Inclusion.

About us

 Elevenwall artfully combines artificial intelligence and human intellect to create bespoke talent acquisition solutions.  Leveraging the latest technologies we democratize access, quantify potential and improve hiring outcomes.

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Our services

Our services are geared towards elevating hiring practices. We believe that hiring is the single most critical function to building and growing businesses. We fuel your company’s growth. Quickly and easily.

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Our Technology

We are the first to remove barriers to incorporating sophisticated technology into your hiring practices. Our proprietary sourcing technology will allow you to focus on candidate and hiring manager relationships.