The dynamics of the talent market in alternative investments and investment banking are challenging.  Companies continue to be overwhelmed by a high volume of candidates.  The success profile is evolving and budge bracket banks are no longer providing the skills needed.  Talent is increasingly leaving the ecosystem for technology and start-ups.  The changing demographics of the workforce require firms to value diversity of experience and explore new talent pools.  Elevenwall was specifically created to address these challenges.  We will optimize your pipeline, automate your process and improve your outcomes by implementing custom talent acquisition solutions and technologies.

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Optimize Your Pipeline – Leveraging big data technology, algorithms and proven research techniques, we provide transparency into available talent, including diversity and readiness-to-leave insights. 

Automate Your Process – Harnessing the power of process automation, video interviewing and web-based assessments, we focus the search process on the candidates with the best potential for success.

Improve Your Outcomes – Combining an inclusive approach to the talent market and quantifying candidate potential, we deliver higher quality hires, reduced attrition and a better candidate experience.

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Our founder, Seth Welty, created Elevenwall to disrupt the old search model and design custom technology-enable talent acquisition solutions.  Seth and the team have built a flexible infrastructure that can automate talent pipelining, entry-level hiring programs and search services established leaders. With over 15 years of recruiting experience in financial services focused on front-office entry-level and lateral recruiting, Seth has a unique ability to create innovative solutions for our clients.